Chuckle-Inducing Memes Made For The Hopelessly Bored


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  1. Posted by lafayettesbaguette, — Reply

    So if a “peer” is (usually) a child at school...someone should put a child in his hands. Then it’d make more sense for the pronunciation. And it’s be a lot funnier

  2. Posted by Honey_Bee153, — Reply

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  3. Posted by ekkapalak1, — Reply

    During my 6th grade we had the chapter Romeo and Juliet and after every chapter we have an intro stuff about the author and one of a girl in my class read it William Sexpeare and the whole class was like when did William Shakespeare turned into a pron star XD

  4. Posted by tshamanorifha, — Reply

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  6. Posted by yasmeenm802061, — Reply

    i tried this on my sister. i put a paper on me that said William and and i held a pear i was shaking it and my sister didnt understand it when i told her i fell on the floor and started laughing so hard

  7. Posted by mayabelle3408, — Reply

    Honestly tho, I started at this for like a minute with a poker face cuz I didn't understand then suddenly BURST out laughing🤣

  8. Posted by thosearemycrocs, — Reply

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  9. Posted by Tsukichuu, — Reply

    pelas 7 da manhã e eu nem dormi, e sou obrigada a ver essa coisa que apenas 1% da humanidade entende

  10. Posted by LucyOfficialStudio, — Reply

    I literally laughed at this for 10 minutes straight 😂😂. Let's see what my Poetry teacher will say about this.

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